• 🌲100% NATURAL - Made from red cedarwood it naturally repels moths, pests, mildew and mustiness, absorbs moisture and odours, provides a fresh clean scent. It is the oil within the cedar that gives it this moth deterrent quality so be sure to give it a light sand with the sandpaper provided every 3 months to ensure it remains effective.
    • 👃GREAT SCENT - Cedar has a light fragrance and can only generally be smelt close to the nose. Makes your wardrobe, closet and drawers smell fantastic. A excellent alternative to moth balls for wardrobe.
    • ✅ VARIED USAGE - Includes: 60 Balls and 2 Cotton hanging bags. Can be placed in drawers or closet shelves, on your hangers or anyway else. Because these balls are completely natural they can touch any fabric directly. Works great as a clothes freshener too!
    • 🐝ECO FRIENDLY - Long-lasting and sustainably sourced these Cedarwood Balls eliminate the need for any chemicals or plastics to be used. A great natural alternative to naphthalene balls. We also use no plastic in our packaging.
    • 😀AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE - We stand by our Cedar balls and believe they are a top quality product and effective at getting rid of moths however if you are not completely satisfied with them just return within 90 days for no quibble refund giving extra peace of mind!

    Cedar Balls