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After moving to the UK from New Zealand in 2004 and owning a restaurant for 7 years(and seeing the amount of waste produced by just one small one) I decided to do something more eco focused which in turn led me to start ecoKiwi. 


Founded on the premise that we can all do better for our planet I looked at ways I could help. Making products that replaced or “swapped” disposable & plastic based products we have all become accustomed to seemed like a great idea! As it turns out there are lots of products that leave a much lighter footprint on the planet and literally can be used the in the same way as disposable, plastic or chemical based versions.


We make products that are genuine swaps to current disposable & plastic based versions but are super conscious about how these are produced, how we can help the planet and what we can do for the community.


As of February 2021 we are super excited to have joined 1% for the Planet in which we will giving 1% of all our sales to charities set up around protecting and preserving the planet. We think it of the cost of doing business and using the planet as our one of resources. This is just the beginning 

Hamish Pritchard

Founder of ecoKiwi

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